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I'm revisiting NG, since I've been gone for... well, years. 

I'm not even the same person I was back then, so it's a little weird.

Anyone remember me from back when? 

C'mon, stroke my e-peen!


2011-09-19 10:44:26 by Skwurll


I turn 17 today

2011-08-27 00:38:46 by Skwurll

and for the first time in years, I'm not spending my birthday alone. Things are looking up!

News post

2011-04-12 21:28:37 by Skwurll

I got tired of looking at the old one.

Hey you!

2010-11-23 14:45:24 by Skwurll

I know you're reading this.

Forty knives

2010-09-03 12:57:27 by Skwurll


I miss you.

2010-07-02 09:33:12 by Skwurll

Dear Sister,

I guess I sort of expected time to stand still after you left.

It hasn't.

Your room's still here. Your recorded shows are still on the tv. Your favorite chips are still in the cupboard. Your car, soon to be mine, sits in the driveway.

I'll be starting school again in September, and you won't be there to drive me, I'll have to ride the bus with that mean old bitch of a driver.

We made it through a lot together, living in those shitty apartments, back when dad was off drinking and mom didn't have any money.

We made it through their divorce.

We made it through our entire lives having to constantly watch Mom's diabetes.

We must've had to call 911 hundreds of times over the years.

I remember when Mittens and Star died. I loved those pets.

I remember when we had to live with Grandma.

I remember how Mom didn't get child support for six years.

I remember hating Dad.

I remember when we finally had enough money to move back into those old apartments.

I remember when Mom married Craig, and we moved into his house.

I remember when we were a happy family. As short lived as it was.

I remember when the house burned down, and we lost everything.

I remember moving back with Grandma until we could get a new house.

I remember moving into our new house, as shitty as it was.

I remember our first party.

I remember my first drink, Southern Comfort and Cola, at thirteen.

I remember Brian. I miss Brian.

I remember all the shit we got into, and all the shit we got out of.

I remember your graduation, and helping you pack.

I remember the last time I spent with you, around the campfire telling jokes and reminiscing about our lives.

I remember waking up this morning, and you were gone.

I miss you.

Sincerely, your brother.

*EDIT* She didn't die. Re-reading it, I can see how some people were confused, she left for college. Either way, I miss my sister.

I do parkour

2010-06-14 21:26:21 by Skwurll

Hardcore parkour.

Shit nobody cares about.

2010-01-08 21:39:05 by Skwurll

Goes on your news posts, not a thread.


2009-10-22 22:51:28 by Skwurll

Religion Threads...

Every time there's one on General, it goes nowhere.
Just bickering on both sides, a lot of ignorance, and just general asshattery.

This is a petition to have Religion threads removed from General, and have them posted in Politics/A new Religion forum.

Comment below if you support this petition.